eFraud Prevention™ helps communities working on the problems of fraud and identity theft, from senior citizen phishing scams to ATM skimming.

We achieve this with a unique system that distributes educational tools through Web, print, mobile and social media.

Are your customers, members and employees fraud prevention experts? If not, we can help them get smarter.

In partnership with our financial, retail, government and collegiate partners, we are reaching millions of people and making a difference in the future of fraud prevention. Our unique system enables you to effectively deliver fraud prevention education. We're transforming the way consumers learn about fraud prevention - keeping everyone safer.

Do you know how many types of fraud to avoid in a day? Fraud has become a part of life. We all need to remain vigilant and stay educated.

Make sure everyone is mindful of fraud safety. Our service will improve your fraud prevention outreach efforts by 60% - 80%.

As the trusted adviser, we help you improve what you've already started. When someone reaches out to you with questions regarding online security, I.D. theft and fraud, you'll have the answers.

As an eFraud Prevention™ member, you can give away the FRAUD SMARTS e-book for free to your employees, customers, students or members.

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Fraud Smarts for Everyone, Together We're Making a Difference