eFraud Prevention™ Facebook Tab

Security tab for your Facebook page

The majority of Facebook applications are fun and geared towards non-business related events. Organizations who claim the most Facebook "likes" tend to craft their Facebook presence around anything other than their actual service offerings.

When you're looking for a new idea for your Facebook page, you'll want to add the free eFraud Prevention™tab. The eFraud Prevention™ Facebook tab is added as a feature to your Facebook page - alerting and educating consumers about the most current fraud risks. This App will add value as an important resource to prevent all types of fraud by helping everyone better understand what they know and what they need to know.

How to add the Facebook Tab:
Adding eFraud Prevention™ to your Facebook page is quick and easy. Simply click the link below to add the eFraud Prevention™ Facebook tab to your Facebook page.

See in Action:

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If your employees, customers or members still falling for fraud scams, then you need to do more.

We can help you with an easy system that helps everyone make less mistakes.