Using Email and Printed Materials to Promote Fraud Awareness in a Bank


Fraud prevention is a critical concern for banks and their customers. To help keep customers safe from fraud scams, a Florida bank decided to implement a comprehensive fraud awareness education program that utilized email and printed materials.


The bank was experiencing an increasing number of reported fraud cases, and customers were becoming more concerned about their safety and security. The bank realized that it needed to take a proactive approach to fraud prevention and education.


The bank outsourced eFraud Prevention's comprehensive fraud awareness education program that included both email-ready and printable materials. The program was designed to educate customers on the most common types of fraud, how to detect and prevent instances of fraud, and what to do if they suspect they have been a victim of fraud.

The bank sent regular email reminders and newsletters to customers, providing them with the latest information on fraud prevention. Additionally, the bank made printed materials, such as brochures and handouts available at its branches, so customers could take the information home with them.


The fraud awareness education program was highly effective in increasing customer awareness of fraud prevention. Customers appreciated the regular email reminders and the availability of printed materials, and many reported that they felt better equipped to detect and prevent instances of fraud.

The program also helped the bank to build customer trust and enhance its reputation as a responsible and proactive institution. The number of reported fraud cases decreased, and customers felt more confident about the safety and security of their accounts.


Using email and printed materials to promote fraud awareness can be an effective strategy for banks looking to keep their customers safe from fraud scams. By providing customers with the latest information on fraud prevention and making that information easily accessible, banks can improve their customers' awareness and empower them to take an active role in preventing fraud. This case study demonstrates the positive impact that a comprehensive fraud awareness education program can have on customer safety and security, as well as the reputation of a bank.

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