9 ways fraud awareness content will improve your CX.

How to use fraud awareness content to improve the customer/member experience, maintain trustworthiness, and remain the trusted advisor.

Web Site / Blog: Your account holders or prospects will look for information to help them avoid getting scammed. People will visit the fraud education and victim support section of your website to get help and to learn about fraud prevention for themself, their family, friends, and co-workers.

Call Centers: When account holders call about a fraud scam, your Call Center Operators will have the ability to offer in-depth support. Your call center staff will have the ability to personalize the support and provide a member self-service experience within your website.

Chat Bots: Advance your Chat Bot AI. Give your Chat Bot the answers required to answer any issues that pertain to fraud scams and identity safety.

Branch Locations: Visual content will help raise awareness about avoiding scams and developing good fraud prevention habits. Your frontline team will be able to quickly offer victim support, perfectly printed on your letterhead with easy-to-follow instructions. If you display digital signage messaging at your locations, fraud prevention tips make for excellent digital signage content.

Social Media: When your account holders or prospects visit you on their favorite social media platform, you'll be there with helpful information to keep them aware of the latest scams. When your account holders look for assistance via social media, you can send them links back to your website with the exact information they need for victim assistance or to help them understand a particular scam.

Email: Email communication remains an important piece of an overall fraud strategy. This is especially important for older demographics, late mobile technology adopters, and for everyone who has not opted-in for SMS notifications. In addition, fraud education makes for excellent content for email newsletters.

Mobile / SMS: When your account holders or prospects visit you via their mobile devices, they will see a version designed specifically for their devices. They will see all the same features and content to help them stay safe or quickly find 24/7 fraud assistance resources.

Outreach: Increase and strengthen community relationships by offering handouts at community events while incorporating videos and interactive quizzes for webinars or during in-person seminars.

Commercial and Small Business Support: As businesses modernize with popular cloud solutions, you can offer fraud awareness as a free cloud resource. Help them to equip their employees with the knowledge they need to stay safe.


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