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Designed to easily post with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Sometimes the hardest part of using social media is coming up with content that your audience will read and engage with. The best engagement will get people to share your content or bring them to your web site. What are the latest trends and do they apply to your industry.

Timing couldn't be better.

Pressed to create on a deadline, want to post something great on a day-to-day basis or looking for a original concept for your next campaign, we got you covered. Creating consistent and valuable content is no small feat, until now. With eFraud Prevention™ there is no need to plan ahead. Share what is most important. We offer hundreds of "How-To" Pro Tips that help your audience avoid getting scammed. In addition, instructional posts referring to an online resource are one of the types of content people retweet or share the most. Learn More

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Facebook Tab

When you're looking for a new idea for your Facebook page, you'll want to add the free eFraud Prevention™ tab.

The eFraud Prevention™ Facebook tab is added as a feature to your Facebook page - alerting and educating consumers about the most current fraud risks. This App will add value as an important resource to prevent all types of fraud by helping everyone better understand what they know and what they need to know.

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Today, everyone is concerned and worried about cyberfraud. You want to teach your account holders fraud prevention in a way that is super easy to understand. You want them to follow a routine that keeps them safe day in and day out.

The same way that you provide PPP advice or money management tips is how our fraud awareness service works. The basics that cover everything and get the job done.

Our mission is to provide you with relevant content that you can easily share. Up-to-the-minute information that is not lengthy to read, overly technical, or too complicated to understand. We help you distribute information with actionable measures and practices to spot and stop scams.

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24/7 Support / Victim Assistance

Managed portal that provides 24/7 support for all levels of fraud and identity theft related assistance.

  1. Can be part of your web site support section, mobile site, as well as a URL to forward when providing one-on-one account holder support.
  2. Urgent assistance.
  3. How and where to report any type of fraud.
  4. What to do if documents, credentials or PII is lost or stolen.
  5. Government, legal, credit, and advocacy resources.
  6. Online testing tools.

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Intranet Portal

Up-to-the-minute - Information and resources for your Marketing, Digital, Social, Fraud, Risk, and Operations.

  1. Content syndication – Content for writing articles that do not require attribution. Content can be used for you existing web site security section, Blog, social media, employee awareness, print, email, SMS, etc.
  2. Strategic repurposing – Use our content across multiple channels to reduce the time and expense it takes to develop content from scratch.

Special E-Learning Version

Our Online Education Modules contain a combination of video tutorials, how-to articles and online quizzes to best provide a complete e-learning experience. Both your small business and consumer account holders will quickly understand and learn how to remain "Fraud Smart". Learn More

  1. Over 100 fraud awareness articles with over 1,000 tips.
  2. 16 Online interactive quizzes.
  3. Over 50 educational videos.
  4. No external links.
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Nobody wants to get scammed.

Your customers & members have questions about ID theft, data breaches, scams, and hacking. We offer an easy way for you to turn the problem of fraud into an outreach opportunity.

Woman: Majority of women feel falling victim to fraud is 'inevitable'.
Seniors: Seniors citizens risk loss of savings.
Millennials: Young people aged 18-25 are easier targets for online fraud and are at risk of credit related problems due to identity theft.

93% believe their online actions can protect friends and family.
96% said they want to learn more about keeping safer online.
48% feel their actions to stay safe can have a positive impact.
90% feel a personal responsibility to be safer online.

Americans want to stay safe
Apple FCU
Deliver high quality consistent content by automating the creation of valuable content that integrates with your digital and social channels.
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Northwest FCU
Provide a unified consumer fraud awareness service throughout all departments within your organization.
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First County Bank
Transform your fraud awareness outreach to create greater consumer engagement with less financial crime to investigate.
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Consumer education helps to reduce all fraud that includes:

Mail Theft, Check Fraud, Malware, New Account Fraud, Account Takeover, Identity Theft and Elder Exploitation.


"Financial institutions should implement an enhanced customer education to increase awareness of the fraud risk and effective techniques customers can use to mitigate the risk."


"Consumer education is critical...Publish details of localized scams via online banking websites. Scam alerts can be powerful tools in educating your client base."


"FinCEN strongly supports efforts to raise awareness of elder abuse -particularly financial exploitation of the elderly."


"Develop and distribute fraud prevention resources and conduct outreach."

Department of Justice

"One easy way to curb this fraud is through more education and awareness."


"Develop an awareness framework that challenges, educates and empowers your customers and employees to be part of the human firewall."


"Teach your older members: When fraud comes knocking, don't answer."


"The FDIC encourages financial institutions, government agencies, consumer organizations, educators, the media, and anyone else to help make the tips and information in FDIC Consumer News widely available."

American Banking Association

"The banking industry should leverage anti-fraud resources to help customers protect themselves."

Financial Services Roundtable

"Employee and customer education is the key...the problem many institutions face, however, relates to lacking resources and dedicated support for truly integrated educational campaigns and programs."

United States Postal Inspector Service

"Armed with the right knowledge, almost anyone can recognize a fraudulent scheme and make the right decision to stay away."

UK National Cyber Security Centre

"People are often seen as the weakest link when it comes to cyber security, but that must change."

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