Marketing Benefits

Website / Blog:

Security Portal, Page Content
Complete your web site security section with important consumer awareness content that is always up-to-date. We do not replace your current awareness program. Our service enhances your current program with 90 unique topics with more than 1,300 tips, image library, online quizzes, videos, animations, victim resources, and online tools.


Tab, Videos, and Posts
Ready-made expert tips, images, and video animations for easy posting as well as the complete eFraud Prevention™ portal as a Facebook Tab on your Facebook Page.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube:

Videos, and Posts
Ready-made expert tips, images, and video animations for easy posting many of your corporate Social Media pages.

Online Banking:

Tips for Account Safety
Since Online Banking is where people go, we created a custom Fraud Prevention Awareness Support widget that is specific for this section of your Web site. Providing 24/7 support where it is most needed.

Community Outreach:

Seminars & Training
Utilize our up-to-the-minute articles and images for handouts, presentation materials, and training content.


Latest News & Training
Helping everyone stay out in front of the latest fraud tactics & headlines. Daily fraud alerts, news updates, marketing content, social media content & staff training support.

Small Business:

News, Articles, and Online ToolsWith eFraud Prevention, you will increase the value of your banking relationship by exceeding the expectations of your commercial account holders. Making life more difficult for fraudsters in the process.


Support for Tellers, Kiosk Content, Handouts
Arm your frontline employees with a better support tool. It may be a skimming incident at someone else's ATM, your brand name used in a phishing scam or a question about a recent fraud news headline. No matter what the situation, you need to help people to act fast and offer them good information.

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