Is fraud awareness something you want to keep managing?

Frustrated by the effort it takes to continually educate about fraud safety? Since 2004, eFraud Prevention™ has been a trusted partner working with financial institutions to make it easier to be proactive in helping everyone remain "fraud smart".

Writing fraud awareness articles, updating articles, staying consistent with web site and social media messaging, researching new trends, and supporting victims of fraud is a full-time job that can be accomplished more efficiently with outsourcing.

Consumers are displaying a strong need for fraud awareness education — and banks and credit unions are in the perfect position to provide it.

Empowered with quality fraud awareness education, consumers can take control of their online activity, make more informed decisions, and, eventually, realize their fraud prevention potential.

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Today, most functions within a financial institution have evolved off legacy systems and are more efficiently handled with third-party and cloud-based services. Along with Fraud Prevention Awareness, here are a few of the types of outsourced services that allow financial institutions to increase revenue streams and remain competitive:

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Use our interactive ROI calculators to see how outsourcing your fraud prevention awareness will benefit your financial institution.

ROI - Cost of service
On average, the annual cost of eFraud Prevention pays for itself when helping as few as 8 of your account holders or employees to avoid getting scammed. Here we determine your ROI based on 6 of the top 10 fraud categories as defined by the FTC Consumer Sentinel.

ROI - Cost per account holder
Annual cost of our service per account holder.

ROI - Writing fraud awareness articles or managing your content calendar
Calculate your monthly ROI when writing fraud awareness articles.


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