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Yes. As an eFraud Prevention client, you will have access to your unique client dashboard. Your dashboard is a hosted web site that is intended to be used within your intranet or as a secure web browser resource for your employees throughout your entire corporate ecosystem. Our content article library, news feeds, online quizzes, and videos can be utilzed by your Human Resources & Fraud Departments for the purpose of employee training.

Yes. As an eFraud Prevention client, you will have access to your unique client Google Tag Manager account. Here you'll have full access to all the features of Google Tag Manager, Analytics, and Data Studio.

eFraud Prevention is an established and trusted company that has been serving the financial services industry since 2004. Throughout that time, eFraud Prevention has never had a security incident, data breach, or customer complaint. In addition, we have always passed our third-party penetration tests, server intrusion tests, and vulnerability audits. Our service is integrated within many large U.S. financial institution web sites as well as the leading organization for financial crime investigators (

Firewall Security:

IONOS by 1and1 - eFraud Prevention is hosted at IONOS by 1and1 on dedicated "bare-metal" server. We are the only 'tenant' on that server as it is not shared between other IONOS hosting customers. Unlike many servers in a data centers today, we are not being shared between multiple customers. All web traffic first enters the IONOS server facility before it enters our web server. Our Bare-metal Server account comes with a Firewall Policy center, which lets us control access to which ports are whitelisted on our dedicated web server. At the data center entry level, we block all traffic except for the 8 most commonly used server ports.

Cloudflare - Cloudflare Firewall software is managed within our "bare-metal" server as an additional layer of protection to filter HTTP requests. This allows gives us added security and control over which requests reach our server applications.

Product Integration:

We offer many ways to use or integrate our product. This includes iFrame, EMBED, JavaScript, RSS, PHP, and direct web link. Our service is also used by many clients as an internal "go-to" content hub for marketing content (articles, victim resources, images, videos, online quizzes, news, animations) employee training and customer / member support. This of course would pose no security concerns at all.

Common security concerns regarding the use of IFRAME integration:

Our most common integration method is the "iframe". The "iframe" method of integration is our most commonly used integration method. The iFrame is still the popular form of third-party web site integration and is used by firms such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and countless others.

Security concerns regarding the iframe method include:

  • The use of IFRAME by an untrusted source - eFraud Prevention is an established U.S firm that is vetted, trusted, and has served the financial services industry since 2004.
  • Cross Site Scripting Attacks (XXS) - Our service and secure site is not vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting. In addition, our service does not include any web application that allows for user input.
  • SQL Injection Attacks - Our service and secure site is not vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting. In addition, our service does not include any web application that allows for user input.

We monitor our web servers and server software 24/7 constantly and run third party scans. You can run your own pentest by using this domain:

Additional Processes:

  • Databases: Requires complex password and two-factor authentication.
  • Content Management System: Requires complex password and two-factor authentication.
  • Patches / Updates: All software updates are set to install automatically.
  • Anti-Virus: Set at both the network and at the server level.
  • Denial of Service: Set at the network level.
  • Content Integrity: Content is monitored every hour using server-side software and every 5 minutes using a 3rd party service to provide us with alerts if any unintended content changes occur.

The CFPB, FFIEC, FINRA, FDIC and NCUA all recommend that financial institutions increase fraud prevention education as the most effective method of reducing consumer and business fraud. eFraud Prevention™, LLC was established in 2004 just for this purpose and we are the first service of its kind to offer fraud prevention consumer awareness as a service. We remain the only private company where consumer education is the sole product offering and not as an ancillary service to other product & services.

How we satisfy regulatory requirements for consumer education:

  • Offer more fraud prevention resources
  • Reach more people across more channels
  • Offer real-time advice
  • Resolve more questions in less time
  • 2-way customer engagement
  • 24-hour support
  • Provide easier way to report fraud
  • Publish timely fraud alerts
  • Assist with I.D. theft
  • Small business support

eFraud Prevention™ does not collect, capture, store, or resell data any data. This includes your specific web site traffic analytics, member or customer information or usage. Absolutely no data is collected, stored or sold by eFraud Prevention™.

eFraud Prevention™ does not resell any services and does not work with any third party firms to generate additional revenue through it's service.

eFraud Prevention™ was established in Connecticut in 2004.



If you are an eFraud Prevention™ customer, all articles and online quizzes are royalty free and no attribution is required. The eFraud Prevention™ education materials can be used as content for your Web site, print materials, social media content of other electronic forms of communications.

The eFraud Prevention™ consumer portal is designed to be "responsive" and will fit within any dimensions of your web site without have to be re-coded. Every client gets a completely customized version of our security portals and management dashboards.

eFraud Prevention™, LLC started in 2004 as a spin off from an established Internet consulting firm. Our knowledge of the Internet and the world wide web began in 1995 and continues to the present day. All our consumer education articles are written in-house by our experts and are free for our clients to reproduce, distribute and display. In addition, no attribution to eFraud Prevention™, LLC is required when reproducing, distributing and displaying our consumer education articles.

eFraud Prevention™, LLC attends industry workshops, consults with industry peers, reviews blogs, publications, white papers, newsletters & web site articles from a wide variety of sources to maintain continued education and learning. eFraud Prevention™, LLC does not copy or redistribute any text or images contained on these sites.

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eFraud Prevention™, LLC does not require a signed contract or time committment obligations. Everyone is required to follow the "terms of use" that are published on this web site.


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