Pricing - Based on asset size

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Our service is zero risk and requires no upfront investment or term committment. Fitting easily within your current annual budget and without any disruption that would delay your existing projects and roadmap. There are many unique ways to use our service and with our low monthly pricing, you will always find value.

Set-up costs: None
Set-up time: One hour
License fees: None
Cancel at any time

Additional cost per branch: None
Additional IT investment: None
Equipment / software: None
Cost to account holders: None

20 - 100M
Total Assets

$100 / mo

100M - 250M
Total Assets

$150 / mo

250M - 500M
Total Assets

$200 / mo

500M - 750M
Total Assets

$250 / mo

750M - 1B
Total Assets

$300 / mo

1B - 2B
Total Assets

$350 / mo

2B - 3B
Total Assets

$400 / mo

3B - 4B
Total Assets

$450 / mo

4B - 6B
Total Assets

$500 / mo

6B +
Total Assets

$600 / mo

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Return On Investment

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Average annualy cost is $2.40 per million in assets.

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