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Established in 2004, eFraud Prevention is the largest and broadest provider of fraud prevention awareness.

eFraud Prevention™ helps financial institutions streamline their fraud awareness outreach and support. The eFraud Prevention™ service improves consistency with fraud awareness messaging while supplying a wider scope of fraud awareness content internally and externally for both retail and commercial account holders. The eFraud Prevention™ service correlates with regulatory compliance recommendations about fraud awareness education. The eFraud Prevention™ service is designed to help financial institutions quickly expand their security awareness strategy, complete your web site security section, and fill social media content calendars.

Consistently ranked as number one in the space, eFraud Prevention™ offers financial institutions an opportunity to serve and support account holders. Together, we are proud to be able to reach and protect millions of consumers in communities throughout the United States of America. Financial Institutions are one of the first places people turn to when they have a question about online security or fraud. As our world becomes more complex and challenging, fraud prevention awareness is a surefire way to help everyone.

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As you continue to expand your brand experience across multiple channels, we offer an opportunity to optimize that experience. Account holder education is a key to minimizing fraud. The difficult part is consistency and remaining committed to a cross channel effort. For 18 years we've helped to streamline this process.

IAFCI is a global network of law enforcement, card associations, banks and non-banks, private label issuers, to name a few. eFraud Prevention™ provides the bulk of consumer awareness information on the IAFCI web site. Helping with IAFCI's effort to safeguard the world's economy through teamwork.

eFraud Prevention™ was the first online service dedicated to offering consumer awareness for fraud prevention. We were an established online service before the existence of any private or government funded consumer awareness initiatives.


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