As fraud scams continue to increase, eFraud Prevention™ is a solid framework that helps your employees and account holders understand fraud threats.

eFraud Prevention™ will help your financial institution streamline fraud awareness while keeping your account holders within your web site. The work we do together weakens fraudsters' ability to steal money and identities, making a real difference in people's lives.

The eFraud Prevention™ service includes every fraud-related topic for both your retail and commercial account holders. With eFraud Prevention™, you can be confident that you'll have the right information to educate and support your account holders no matter how they communicate with you.



Here is a summary of what makes us different:

  • No user license billing. Our product allows for unlimited use.
  • We offer one complete product, so you don't have to choose options, features, or category levels.
  • Always up-to-date articles include every important topic along with ADA-compliant online courses, quizzes, and videos.
  • Designed to support both your retail and commercial account holders as well as your employees.
  • Satisfies FDIC, NCUA, FINRA, and & CFPB recommendations involving employee and consumer education.
  • Only product that you are allowed to administer for free and with unlimited distribution rights to your commercial account holders.
Intranet Dashboards

task_altAdmin Dashboard
For marketing and frauds administrators. Complete control over integration code, online learning courses, marketing assets, and much more.

task_altRetail Banking Dashboard
Content and resources to support your retail banking teams and account holders.

task_altCommercial Banking Dashboard
Content and resources to support your business banking teams and account holders.

Soft Skills Courses

Drive down your costs to train

task_altNo "per user" license fees.

task_altAlways up-to-date course articles & quizzes.

task_altSCORM compliant to integrate within your LMS.

task_altOne low monthly fee for unlimited users within your LMS.

task_altUnlimited use for your employees, retail, and commercial account holders.

task_altTrack your usage, completion analytics, and employee grades.

Soft Skills Courses
Commercial & Small Business Support

As businesses modernize with popular cloud solutions, you can offer fraud awareness as a free cloud resource.

task_altUp-to-date fraud resources.

task_altIntegrate a security portal within their website or intranet.

task_altOffered by you and branded with your logo.

task_altEquip their employees with the knowledge they need to stay safe.

Supporting your small business and commercial business account holders
Social Media Support

Social media channels for content & support.

task_altWhen your account holders look for assistance via social media, you can send them links back to your website with the exact information they need for victim assistance or to help them understand a particular scam.

task_altYou'll ensure that all your account holders who communicate with you via social media get real value when you respond back.

social conversation
Your Web Site
Your account holders or prospects will look for information to help them avoid getting scammed.

Your account holders or prospects will look for information to help them avoid getting scammed.
People will visit the fraud education and victim support section of your website to get help and to learn about fraud prevention for themself, their family, friends, and co-workers.

Spending more time on your website read related topics.

People will spend more time on your website to read related topics.
All articles include other topics that are closely related to any specific subject matter.

Printing an article to keep as a reference or share with others.

Printing an article to keep as a reference or share with others.
All articles are printer-friendly in that they only include an easy-to-read version of the article. No unnecessary web page elements or images that waste paper or ink.

Your Blog

Blog content helps to educate and empower your customers or members.

task_altUp-to-date articles on every fraud and scam related topic.

task_altWe show you what topics are trending.

task_altContent for the many national observances such as National Cyber Security Month, Identity Theft Awareness Week, etc.

Digital Signage

task_altVisual content will help raise awareness about avoiding scams and developing good fraud prevention habits.

task_altContent that easily integrates with your digital signage CRM and marketing automation tools.

task_altContent in the form of text, animations, videos, and ready-made banners.

Digital Signage

Education within your e-banking portal.

task_altOnline banking is your most utilized digital resource. You can easily provide up-to-date fraud awareness and important alerts directly within that part of your website.

task_altProviding fraud awareness within your e-banking portal is the most effective way to educate the most people on fraud safety.

Education within your ebanking portal
Mobile Phone / App

Mobile detected fraud support.

task_altWhen your account holders or prospects visit you via their mobile device, they will see a version designed specifically for their device. They will see all the same features and content to help them stay safe or quickly find 24/7 fraud assistance resources.

task_altHaving the ability to access fraud awareness and support on any device is critical to the user experience.

Education within your ebanking portal
Social Media Outreach

task_altWhen your account holders or prospects visit you on their favorite social media platform, you'll be there with helpful information to keep them aware of the latest scams.

task_altYou'll ensure that all your account holders and prospects have a firm grasp on the totality of incoming fraud threats as well as how they can begin to properly protect themselves.

Social post

Fraud support during your live chat session.

task_altChat sessions that require consumer related fraud support can be handled with ease. Your chat specialist will have access to provide specific fraud support links that are within your organizations corporate domain name.

Education within your chat session

Faster support through your CoBrowsing channel.

task_altWhen your account holders reach out for fraud support via your CoBrowsing channel, you can easily guide them to your fraud awareness section on your web site.

task_altThis prioritizes the account holder experience and provides faster fraud assistance which is often urgent by nature.

cobrowsing session

Get notified about the latest fraud scams.

task_altThe advantages of using SMS for fraud alerts is fast and reliable. Real-time fraud alerts are critical to keeping your money and accounts safe.

task_altWhen your account holders recieve a fraud alert from you, you can include a link to bring them back to your site where they can access fraud reporting resources or articles specific to a particular scam.

SMS Fraud Alerts

Email communications for fraud alerts and education.

task_altEmail communication remains an important piece of an overall fraud strategy. This is especially important for older demographics, late mobile technology adopters, and for everyone who has not opted-in for SMS notifications. In addition, fraud education makes for excellent content for email newsletters.

Email Fraud Alerts
Educational Webinars

Cost-effective learning tool that offers flexibility and convenience.

task_altPresenting easy to follow tips, videos, and online quizzes will enhance your fraud education webinars.

Branch Locations

Frontline operators as consumer fraud experts.

task_altYour account holders can get printouts or handouts to learn more about a fraud scam and the steps required to recover if they were victimized. Printed handouts will help develop good fraud prevention habits.

task_altOffering printed fraud prevention and victim assistance tips will expand the account holder branch experience.

Frontline support
Call Centers

Delivering strong customer service.

task_altWhen your account holders call you for support, you will have the ability to offer faster and more in-depth support.

task_altYour call center staff will have the ability to personalize the support and provide a member self service experience within your web site.

Education within you ebanking portal

Increase and strengthen community relationships.

task_altOffer handouts with easy-to-follow fraud prevention tips and incorporate videos and interactive quizzes into your in-person fraud awareness seminars.

task_altMore interaction through in-person learning. Find out what is most concerning within your community and offer immediate support to help everyone better unsterstand how fraud scams work.

Education within you ebanking portal
Community Events

In-person fraud safety outreach.

task_altDemonstrate your fraud prevention expertise and awareness.

task_altCommunity events such as document shred days are a perfect opportunity to provide tips on identity theft, mail safety, online account safety, and so much more.

Community Events


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