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Today, everyone is concerned and worried about cyberfraud. You want to teach your account holders fraud prevention in a way that is super easy to understand. You want them to follow a routine that keeps them safe day in and day out.

Is fraud awareness something you want to keep managing?

Writing fraud awareness articles, updating articles, staying consistent with web site and social media messaging, researching new trends, and supporting victims of fraud can be accomplished more efficiently with outsourcing. We make it simple for you to maintain content that is relevant now and in the ever-changing future.

Our mission is to provide you with education, resources, and insight that you can easily share. Up-to-the-minute information that is not lengthy to read, overly technical, or too complicated to understand. We help you distribute information with actionable measures and practices to spot and stop scams.

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Commercial Business
Work From Home

Businesses are feeling increasingly more vulnerable and less confident in their ability to protect their employees working from home. As an eFraud Prevention client, your organization is able to offer a complete fraud awareness system to support and protect your commercial clients. Your fraud awareness branded portal (includes your logo) can be offered for free to help your commercial account holders avoid scams, reduce cyber insurance costs and act as an additional layer of cybersecurity compliance due diligence.

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Content Sharing

Website &
Intranet Portal

Up-to-the-minute - Information and resources for your Marketing, Digital, Social, Fraud, Risk, and Operations.

  1. Content syndication – Content for writing articles that do not require attribution. Content can be used for your existing web site security section, Blog, social media, employee awareness, print, email, SMS, etc.
  2. Strategic repurposing – Use our content across multiple channels to reduce the time and expense it takes to develop content from scratch.
  3. Daily internal resource – We review everything that is happening in the world of fraud and offer a client dashboard where you can read the latest fraud alerts, trending scams, what scams consumers are most worried about, current fraud statistics, future expert predictions, and much more.

Social-Ready Banners

Designed to easily post with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Sometimes the hardest part of using social media is coming up with content that your audience will read and engage with. The best engagement will get people to share your content or bring them to your web site.

Timing couldn't be better.

Your social media marketing goals take effort and attention every single day. As you brainstorm, manage, and produce content for your social media calendar, our ready-made banners make it simple to organize, save time, and post with consistency.

24/7 Support
Victim Assistance

Managed portal that provides 24/7 support for all levels of fraud and identity theft related assistance.

  1. Can be part of your web site support section, mobile site, as well as a URL to forward when providing one-on-one account holder support.
  2. Urgent assistance.
  3. How and where to report any type of fraud.
  4. What to do if documents, credentials or PII is lost or stolen.
  5. Government, legal, credit, and advocacy resources.
  6. Online testing tools.

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Today, there are tools you can use to better secure your identity, device and data. Even with all this advanced technology, Americans lost $1.2 Billion to imposter scams alone in 2020.

Most consumers now believe that only financial institutions are capable of protecting them from fraud. With over 6.5 billion fraud attacks per year, consumer awareness remains the only effective measure to prevent imposter and other social engineering scams.

How to stay safe:

Technology Risks

Where people are at risk:

Fraud Risks

  • Tech support scams
  • Grandkid / relative scams
  • IRS imposter scams
  • Investment scams
  • Phishing
  • Identity theft
  • Online shopping fraud

  • ATM / POS skimming
  • Debt collection scams
  • Counterfeit check scams
  • Online dating scams
  • Real estate/rental scams
  • Auction fraud
  • Advance fee fraud

  • Coronavirus scams
  • Employment scams
  • Charity donation fraud
  • Work at home scams
  • Credit repair scams
  • Telephone / mobile scams
  • Elder fraud

  • P2P payments
  • Fake news & hoaxes
  • Wire fraud
  • Account takeover
  • Ransomware
  • Social media scams
  • Computer hacking


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