Key Takeaways from the NAFCU 2022 Strategic Growth Conference

By Dan Szabo
March, 2022


AI: The pandemic has fast-tracked the need to utilize AI-based technology solutions. Digital solutions to simplify experiences that are personalized, relevant, and valuable.

Marketing: This may include offering a new service to a member at an opportune time.

Fraud: This may include improved security through voice recognition or to leverage member data to improve real-time, easier detection of potential frauds, and reduce false positives.

Retail: Better understanding which members were considered high risk and which members were considered low risk.

Creating the experience

Priorities: There is always a cloud-service, fintech, or other technology solution on the strategic planning roadmap. It was considered a good idea to prioritize projects based on outcomes that will drive the greatest member experiences.

Engagement: Content marketing as an opportunity to guide their members beyond their questions or concerns and toward their hopes and dreams.

Retention: Members as the focal point of the content being created and distributed. Help first, sell second.

Acquisition: Building trust by positioning as the financial matters expert that can guide consumers to success.

Growth challenges

BNPL: The profitability, risk, and competitive challenges that are inherent in the BNPL loan model.

Privacy: The ever-increasing importance of privacy as it relates to utilizing member data while balancing privacy expectations and regulatory compliance.

The Future of Money: The evolution of new technologies, financial innovations, and digital currencies is transforming the way we use money.


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