What is eFraud Prevention, and how does it work?

An easy solution to a difficult problem. As fraud scams continue to increase, eFraud Prevention is a solid framework that helps your account holders and employees better understand all the latest tactics.

eFraud Prevention™ helps financial institutions streamline their fraud awareness outreach and support. The eFraud Prevention™ service improves consistency with fraud awareness messaging while supplying a wider scope of fraud awareness content internally and externally for both retail and commercial account holders. The eFraud Prevention™ service correlates with regulatory compliance recommendations about fraud awareness education. The eFraud Prevention™ service is designed to help financial institutions quickly expand their security awareness strategy.

Your account holders have increasingly come under a barrage of fraud threats — 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Ensure that all of your account holders have a firm grasp on the totality of incoming fraud threats as well as how they can begin to properly protect themselves.

With eFraud Prevention, nothing is outside the purview of your financial institution’s capabilities.

Marketing Support

Evergreen Content

As you continue to expand your brand experience across multiple channels, we offer an opportunity to optimize that experience. Account holder education is key to minimizing fraud. The difficult part is consistency and remaining committed to a cross channel effort. For 19 years we've helped to streamline this process.

Account Holder Experience

Don't let a scammer ruin the experience that you've worked so hard to create. Fraud and scams will disrupt your marketing efficiency, account holder engagement, and new client acquisition plans.

Superior Support

Your account holders rely on you to be the experts to help with fraud and scams. If you don't have all the answers, you risk letting them down.

Fraud & Risk Support

No Fraud Managers

In cases where fraud is not handled by a specific fraud department, eFraud Prevention becomes an invaluable resource to offer world-class fraud support.

Small Fraud Team

Stay consistent with your fraud outreach. Fraud is in the news every day and there is always a new tactic that your account holders need to be made aware of. The key to effective fraud prevention is consistency.

Large Fraud Department

Is fraud awareness something you want to keep managing? Writing fraud awareness articles, updating articles, staying consistent with web site and social media messaging, researching new trends, and supporting victims of fraud can be accomplished more efficiently with outsourcing.

The work we do together weakens fraudsters' ability to steal money from your account holders, making a real difference in people's lives.

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