As Fraud Continues To Increase...

eFraud Prevention is a solid framework that helps your account holders understand and avoid fraud threats.

Your account holders have increasingly come under a barrage of fraud threats — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. From phishing emails to scam phone calls, people are only ever one mistake away from losing money or compromising their entire identity. Financial institutions have a duty to educate their account holders on how they can better protect themselves against these ever-changing financial threats.

Ensure that all of your account holders have a firm grasp on the totality of incoming fraud threats as well as how they can begin to properly protect themselves. This is especially important for those who may be more susceptible to being targeted by cyber criminals. It's also important to make this complex information as digestible as possible.

With eFraud Prevention, nothing is outside the purview of your financial institution’s capabilities. Understanding new and emerging threats is easy with eFraud Prevention's managed service. Giving you 100% control with access to a complete fraud awareness system.

Client Success Stories

Cambridge Savings Bank

Cambridge Savings Bank has remained dedicated to contributing to the financial wellness of individuals, families, and commercial businesses. By taking advantage of the versatility of the eFraud Prevention™ service, Cambridge Savings Bank adds an additional layer of fraud prevention support.

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Educators Credit Union

Educators Credit Union has 24 branch locations in southeastern Wisconsin with over 207,000 members. These members are not just teachers, but government workers, healthcare professionals, and much more.

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Kennebunk Savings Bank

Kennebunk Savings Bank celebrates 150 years of supporting communities with Fraud Awareness, Health and Wellness, Community and Economic Advancement, Arts and Culture, Education and Innovation, the Environment, and Animal Welfare.

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International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI)

"IAFCI is committed to providing consumers with critical information so they can protect themselves from fraud and other financial crimes. eFraud Prevention has done a great job in helping us deliver quality consumer education through our web IAFCI site."

~ Douglas Buan, Co-Chair of Cyber Fraud Industry Group

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