Efraud Prevention's Expanding Reach in Fraud Awareness Education

The Current State of US Adult Population

As of now, the United States has an approximate adult population of 261 million adults. This vast number indicates the immense potential and responsibility of financial institutions to educate and protect consumers against various threats.

Efraud Prevention's Impressive Milestone

Efraud Prevention, a prominent player in the fraud awareness sector, has made remarkable progress in its mission to educate the US adult population. Through its partnership with banks and credit unions across the US, Efraud Prevention is on the brink of reaching over 20% of the US adult population with vital fraud awareness education.

How Efraud Prevention Collaborates with Financial Institutions

Efraud Prevention takes a comprehensive approach to fraud awareness education. By partnering with financial institutions, we provide an up-to-date and expansive platform that covers every facet of fraud awareness.

  • Website Security Section: Enhancing the security sections of financial institutions' websites with current information and best practices.
  • Blog Articles: Offering well-researched articles that institutions can feature, fostering a knowledgeable community.
  • Social Media Posts: Engaging with the broader public on platforms where they spend much of their time.
  • Internal Training & Awareness: Equipping financial institutions internally to ensure their teams are always several steps ahead of potential threats.