Enhancing Customer Support with Printed Fraud Prevention Instructions


Fraud prevention is a critical priority for banks and credit unions, and it is essential that tellers play an active role in protecting account holders from scams and fraud. To better support everyone, a Texas bank decided to implement the ability to easily print fraud prevention instructions at its teller stations.


The bank's tellers were receiving a growing number of inquiries from customers regarding fraud and scams. While the tellers were well-intentioned, they often struggled to provide clear and concise information to customers. This resulted in frustration for both the tellers and the customers.


The bank added the eFraud Prevention dashboards to its intranet to make it possible to print easy-to-follow fraud prevention instructions at each teller station. The instructions provided clear and concise information on how to detect, prevent, and recover from instances of fraud. The tellers were trained on the dashboard, so they could confidently provide customers with the information they needed to stay safe from scams.


The printed fraud prevention instructions had a significant impact on the support provided by the bank's tellers. The tellers were able to provide clear and concise information to customers, leading to greater customer satisfaction and reduced frustration.


Printing easy-to-follow fraud prevention instructions can be a valuable strategy for banks looking to enhance customer support. By providing tellers with access to clear and concise information, banks and credit unions can improve their ability to respond to customer inquiries and reduce frustration. This case study demonstrates the positive impact that clear instructions can have on the support provided by tellers and the overall effectiveness of a bank's fraud prevention efforts.

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