In early 2020, Cambridge Savings Bank was recognized for their creation of unique community partnerships and for going beyond the call to aid their communities in a special time of need. The annual Banking New England Program recognized outstanding philanthropy and selected Cambridge Savings Bank as the overall winner among some of the best banks in New England. eFraud Prevention™ is honored to be part of their committment to serve others and to build true human connections.

Cambridge Savings Bank has remained dedicated to contributing to the financial wellness of families and individuals who live in all the communities that it serves. By taking advantage of the versatility of the eFraud Prevention™ service, Cambridge Savings Bank adds an additional layer of fraud prevention support for everyone in their community. Cambridge Savings Bank makes use of the eFraud Prevention™ consumer portal and small business portal.

Consumer Portal

Becoming a victim during this crisis - There is a huge rise in fake goods, government programs, loan assistance, job opportunities, imposter fraud, and other scams amid coronavirus lockdown. As more people become desperate to pay the bills scammers will ramp up work-from-home and other imposter scams. What is most concerning is that these fraud tactics directly involve financial institutions because fake checks are deposited and people are often tricked into giving up Bank Account and Social Security numbers. By ramping up their fraud awareness program, Cambridge Savings Bank is helping everyone from students to adults of all ages.

Business Portal

Explaining the Risks - Even with stronger technology controls, employees working from home must still exercise good judgment to maintain information security. The added stress many people feel can make them more prone to social-engineering attacks. Some employees may notice that their behavior isn't monitored as it is in the office and therefore choose to engage in practices that open them to other threats, such as visiting malicious websites that office networks block. Building a "human firewall" will help ensure that employees who work from home do their part to keep the enterprise secure. By ramping up their small business fraud awareness program, Cambridge Savings Bank goes the extra mile to support and educate their commercial account customers.

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