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Today, everyone is concerned and worried about cyberfraud. You want your community to follow a fraud prevention routine that keeps them safe day in and day out.

How People Make Mistakes

how people make mistakes

Is fraud awareness something you want to keep managing?

Writing fraud awareness articles, updating articles, staying consistent with web site and social media messaging, researching new trends, and supporting victims of fraud can be accomplished more efficiently with outsourcing. We make it simple for you to maintain content that is relevant now and in the ever-changing future.

Our mission is to provide you with education, resources, and insight that you can easily share. Up-to-the-minute information that is not lengthy to read, overly technical, or too complicated to understand. We help you distribute information with actionable measures and practices to spot and stop scams.

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What we help you accomplish right away.

Nobody wants to get scammed.

Your customers & members have questions about ID theft, data breaches, scams, and hacking. We offer an easy way for you to turn the problem of fraud into an outreach opportunity.

Woman: Majority of women feel falling victim to fraud is 'inevitable'.
Seniors: Seniors citizens risk loss of savings.
Millennials: Young people aged 18-25 are easier targets for online fraud and are at risk of credit related problems due to identity theft.

93% believe their online actions can protect friends and family.
96% said they want to learn more about keeping safer online.
48% feel their actions to stay safe can have a positive impact.
90% feel a personal responsibility to be safer online.

Americans want to stay safe
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A unified fraud awareness platform accessible throughout all departments within your organization.
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Transform your fraud awareness outreach to be more consistent and to create more engagement.
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