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We are in a unique position in that we can see consumer usage statistics throughout the entire U.S. This gives our clients the ability to see fraud topics that are trending right now and those that are more popular over a longer period of time. Interestingly, topics that are trending are often very different than those that are most popular. Our statistical intelligence gives bank and credit union marketing teams the ability to emphasize content that their account holders are most interested in right now.

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Identity Theft

Account Takeover

  • Javelin Research found that fraudsters are fast in their efforts to take over accounts. The company’s 2020 research on identity fraud reports that 40% of takeovers happen within 24 hours of a criminal’s access to a victim’s account.
  • In 2019, account takeovers were up 72 percent over the previous year. According to Kaspersky this number of account take over incidents grew by another 20% in 2020.
  • Millennials were prime targets for fraudsters. According to Equifax Canada, nearly half of all suspected fraud applications are for those between the ages of 18 and 34.


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