How to remain consistent with your fraud awareness messaging

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Fraud is in the news every day and there is always a new tactic that your account holders need to be made aware of. The key to effective fraud prevention is consistency. Consistent fraud awareness will help every financial institution achieve the following goals:

  • Reduce costs
  • Acquire new customers or members
  • Improve employee confidence
  • Support regulations
  • Reduce employee mistakes
  • Maintain / improve reputation
  • Retain accounts
  • Support fraud department
  • Streamline fraud awareness
  • Ongoing support for fraud victims
  • Support marketing department
  • Increase social media outreach
  • Increase community outreach
  • Support small business customers
  • Reduce account holder mistakes
  • Increase account holder support

What are the benefits?

First. Fraud awareness education pulls double duty as content marketing - a type of marketing that significantly outperforms other kinds of advertising, marketing, and product promotions - and also establishes trust and credibility as a fraud awareness thought leader.

Second. By pairing fraud awareness education and marketing initiatives, banks and credit unions can attract new account-holders, build loyalty, improve retention, cross-sell services, and enjoy a more engaged and better-informed account holders. The final result is a win-win for financial institutions: helping consumers become more responsible and engaged.

Connections with your community and account holders:
Drive acquisition and engagement, support your digital strategy, and impact your community with mobile-first, online fraud awareness education. Today, elevating your marketing efforts with fraud awareness education is easier than ever.

Consumers are displaying a strong need for fraud awareness education — and banks and credit unions are in the perfect position to provide it. Empowered with quality fraud awareness education, consumers can take control of their online activity, make more informed decisions, and, eventually, realize their fraud prevention potential.

Drawbacks of outdated or minimal content:
Your website should be a reliable and current source of up-to-date information. Your credibility as an expert can be diminished if you don't stay in tune with the latest developments in your industry.

Content calendar:
Your social media marketing goals take effort and attention every single day. Sometimes the hardest part of using social media is coming up with content that your audience will read and engage with. Use third-party content calendar services to stay consistently visible on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram pages.

Individual LinkedIN Participation:
There are marketing benefits for your brand when everyone within your organization creates and shares content on their individual LinkedIn profile and Groups.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for financial organizations, giving bankers access to potential clients, leads, and even providing tools for sales and support. When everyone is involved with publishing helpful fraud prevention advice, consistency is easily achieved. In addition, everyone will be a thought leader who builds relationships.

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