New Client Success Manual - This manual helps to keep everyone on track with goals, roles, and a checklist to make sure you are leveraging our service to the full potential.

For Marketing Managers - How Fraud Awareness, Wellness and the helping the Environment create huge opportunities for financial services marketing.

How eFraud Prevention™ works - One page overview of how our service is used by financial institutions.

Awareness & Vigilance - Overview of how we assist Fraud Investigators and Marketing Managers.

Latest Consumer Statistics - How eFraud Prevention™ covers all the top fraud categories listed in the FTC Consumer Sentinel 2018 report.

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Set-Up Costs: None
Set-Up Time: One hour
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Cost to Consumers or Small Business: None
Additional Cost Per Branch: None
Additional IT Investment: None
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Use Cases: Turning a Problem into an Opportunity

How to do more to help our veterans and the elderly
How the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI) helps our veterans and senior citizens.
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Competing with non-traditional online banks
How financial institutions are taking a novel approach when competing with non-traditional online banks.
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Attracting millennials
How socially conscious financial institutions attract and retain the Millennial and Gen Z community.
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New web site content
Make fraud awareness an integral feature on your newly redesigned web site and blog.
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Maintain a popular social-media presence
Gain an edge as a leader and expert by leveraging an omni-channel approach using "Evergreen" content.
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Go way beyond Shred Days
How financial institutions go way beyond Shred Days to help prevent all forms of ID theft.
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How to provide timely reminders all year long.
How to use fraud holidays to provide timely reminders all year long.
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New Account Fraud
How a smarter consumer can reduce New Account Fraud (NAF).
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Account Takeover Fraud
How a smarter consumer can reduce Account Takeover Fraud (ATO).
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